Gibberin(TM) combines the richness of voice with the convenience of texting. It provides an environment in which the user can quickly and easily record a spoken message and deliver it to a contact of their choosing. In less time than it takes to type the message out it has been sent on its way with the full meaning, inflection, pace and emotion of the spoken word.

Modern communications have evolved rapidly over the past two decades. Since the days of the memo pad we have experienced major leaps in productivity and collaboration through developments such as voicemail, email, texting, tweeting and social networking. Innovation in this space has been driven by the need for faster, easier communication. At the same time it has been limited by the infrastructure over which communication takes place.

For decades the processing power, storage and transmission bandwidth have restricted our options and forced us to focus on solutions that work within these restrictions. But in recent years these restrictions have begun to erode and we have not been taking full advantage of the new freedoms they offer.

The bottom line is that text based messages are small in size. As such they are very efficient to transmit. But they do not always represent our intent, our thoughts as accurately as a spoken message would.

Our goal with Gibberin(TM) is to make use of advancements in technology to make spoken messages simple and fast so that we still enjoy the convenience of current messaging technologies, but provide a much richer medium which communicates our intentions better than text.

It turns out that standardizing on spoken messages provides other advantages too. Messages can be recorded and reviewed without requiring visual focus so you can be doing other things while you communicate such as walking. Once recording your hands are free to do other things. Your message benefits from ambient noise, such as others in the room providing input or the sound of activities relevant to you message. There is no need to abbreviate words or phrases which can make a message less clear or ambiguous.

As part of our refocus on spoken messaging we are extending some basic messaging concepts. We incorporate the idea of a conversation in our services such that responses are linked to messages to form a conversation tree that users can navigate easily. We take a cue from regular conversation and allow you to interrupt message playback and record responses to specific topics within the larger message. We have adopted the concept of a message collection rather than just an 'inbox' to reflect the need to easily filter messages in order to get at the information you need.

Speech is a natural, human form of communication. We are accomplished at it and use it very effectively. We at Gibberin(TM) believe the time has come to make the spoken message a viable alternative to other technologies, hence the creation of the Gibberin Messaging Service.