For help with specific features or actions take a look at our scenario slides!

At it simplest level Gibberin(TM) records a message on one device for playback on another.  But that's not very interesting on its own.  So we added some features that start with that simple idea and make it useful.

When you first launch Gibberin(TM) you will need to sign in to your account.  You can create a new account if you need to.

Once signed in Gibberin(TM) will synchronize contacts and gibbers from the Gibberin(TM) service to your device.  If you are brand new we will help you create some contacts, and you can always address gibbers to an email address or SMS phone number.

Creating a message is easy.  Since this is our primary purpose we optimize the process.  Simply tap a contact in your list then tap the microphone button and speak your message.  If you're in a hurry just tap the send button when you are done speaking.  We will take care of ending the recording and adding a subject to your gibber.

If you prefer to type your own title, or perhaps add more recipients just tap the stop recording button (same as the microphone button) and make your changes.  You can address multiple recipients by typing their gibberin username, email or SMS number on the To: line.  Separate each recipient with a space, comma or semi-colon so we know where they begin and end.

When you send your gibber we will save a copy on your device right away, then upload it to our service as soon as possible.  If you don't have a network connection for some reason don't worry, we will hold on to the gibber until one is available and deliver it then.

When you receive a message Gibberin(TM) will notify you.  You can find the new message in your collection.  Navigate to your collection by tapping the button in the bottom right of the contact list.

Tap any message in the list to listen to it.  Delete messages by swiping across them with your finger or open them and tap the trash icon.  Here's a tip, you can force Gibberin(TM) to synchronize with the service by shaking the device while on the collection page.

As you listen to a gibber you may want to pause the playback and record a response.  Just tap the blue arrow at the end of the timeline, we will pause the playback and open a recording page.  Your response will be linked to that point in the original gibber for future reference.  You can include others on the To: line of your response to bring them into the conversation.  You can also edit the subject line if you wish.  Note that Gibberin(TM) automatically adds a 'dot' to the beginning of the subject to indicate this is a response.  You can use the number of dots in a subject line to gauge the previous activity in a conversation.

If you don't recognize the account which sent you the gibber tap the account icon to get details.

If the gibber you are listening to is a response to an earlier gibber the blue triangle above the account icon will light up.  Tap it to open the original gibber or continue walking up the tree to hear previous contributions to the conversation.

That covers the basics. If you have further questions or suggestions please let us know!.